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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Blue and Silver Christmas - Day 4 - Christmas Cards

I have a confession to make... I'm HORRIBLE at sending out Christmas cards! Since my first baby was born 6 years ago, I think we've sent out cards once. One year I made a nice newsletter with pics included in it all cutesy-like. But then I never got around to printing and mailing them, so I just emailed it to everyone I think on Christmas Eve. Possibly even after Christmas. I can't remember.

Then another year I did actually print cards and mailed them out, ONLY because I found a coupon for 100 free cards AND free shipping (lemme know if you find any of those this year!).

Then one year I had them printed from Costco and only mailed about 5 of them...ended up throwing about 100 cards in the mail. So sad to see my family's faces being dumped so wastefully into the recycle bin.

I'm pretty sure last year I just did a Facebook update and called it good. he he he

SOooo...this year I'm vowing to make no more excuses. We WILL have a nice letter. We WILL have a photo card. I WILL have them printed by Thanksgiving and mailed by December 4th (random day I those receiving enough time to get my card and reply address in case they missed sending me a card with all our address changes).

I'm still cheap and probably won't fork out $.50 per card (or even $.25/card). I'll just create my own and have it printed from Costco or some online place (wherever I can find the best deal...cut me some slack! Stamps are expensive!).

Here's one I whipped up to give you an idea of what I might do with silver and blue:

Are your Christmas cards ready?  Where are you having them printed? Any amazing deals out there right now?

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  1. I think I'm going to go with Vista Print, maybe, since that's the deal I see right now. Oh, and I love seeing pics of your family. The girls have all grown so much!


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