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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Blue and Silver Christmas - Day 9 - Corkscrew Ornaments

Here's a random project my kids and I decided to do. They wanted to do something with the left-over glitter paper, and we had a bag of these little square mirrors, so we improvised some ornaments!


Low-heat glue gun
Glitter paper
Tiny Mirrors
String or hangers to hang on tree

Cut out some thin strips of the glitter paper, and wrap them around something to curl them. I used the end of a kids' paint brush. Like this:

Then we just used the hot glue gun to stick them on the corners of the mirrors.

I ended up using a few different colors of paper and just used the small mirrors. I think we made about 13 of them.

Then we just tied some thin silver ribbon (actually used to hold ribbon in place I believe) and glued that to the back, too.

Easy peasy.

I'm excited to see how they'll look on my tree! We have family coming in for Thanksgiving, and we may or may not put them to work helping with the drywall in our living room. Mwa ha ha ha ha...

Then I can get down to real decorating! 

Aloha and Mele Kalikimaka,


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