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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

$.98 Easy Make-over - Light Switches

Do you have $.98 and 5 minutes? PLEASE give your walls some love and get rid of that almond-colored switch if it doesn't match your room!!

It's much easier than you think. My grandfather just retired from being an electrician for 35+ years, and I have some inherent "electrical" knowledge. But's a no-brainer.

I bought these at our local hardware store City Mill, but I also found them at Wal-mart for the same price. They are usually just in a box with no packaging as you see mine there in the pic. The switch and the actual outlet were $.69 each (screws included), and the covers (with little white screws included) were $.29 each. So for my bathroom, this was just over a $2 fix (after tax).

Supplies needed:

Switches and covers for as many as are in your room


Cut the power to the outlets you are switching out.

Go to your breaker box and shut off power to the room. NOT ALL SWITCHES WILL BE ON THE SAME BREAKER. So please test each switch you are changing.

I used my beaters to test. lol  They were close by, and I could easily tell if the switch was on or off by just plugging them in and turning it on.

My light switch was easy to find, but the breaker for my outlet was much harder. I finally gave up and turned them ALL off, and (of course) it ended up being the very last one. But it was daytime, and I only have three clocks to reset, so no biggie.

Step 2: Remove switch covers.

Step 3: Unscrew actual switch or outlet. There should be one screw at the top and one at the bottom. (no good pic of this...sorry)

Step 4: I placed my new outlet right in front of the old one to see where each of the wires were attached. The outlet had three wires, and I removed them and reattached them one at a time, so I wouldn't mix them up. You just loosen the screw a tiny bit and unwind the wire, then wind it around the new switch and tighten the screw into it.

Step 4: Screw the outlet back into the wall (again just two screws).

Same thing on the light switch...line them up, see where wires are attached, then remove and reattach one at a time.

 Step 5: Reattach covers!

Might seem obvious and simple, but sometimes it helps give an extra boost of confidence to see a "real" girly girl getting it done.



  1. I totally agree about the change. However, I tried to do this recently in my kitchen and NONE of my outlets matched the newer ones. Too many wires and very confusing. Had to enlist the help of someone with the know-how.

  2. OMG...This is on my list to do at our new house. I have at least 4 outlets and 1 fixture in every room to change. It will take me most of the weekend to do it..

  3. Thanks,

    I've been wanting to do this in my kitchen but was afraid to try. The pictures are really helpful.


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