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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

ANNOUNCEMENT and Call for Swappers: Aloha Swap 'n' Meet Saturdays


I'm curious how many of you have actually been here to Oahu to visit or live here?

Anyone? Anyone?


Well, if you've been to this lovely island, chances are you spent some time at the Aloha Stadium at the famed Swap Meet flea market. AMAZING! We {{heart}} the Swap Meet.

You pay $1 per adult, and that lets you in to visit over 500 vendors selling all kinds of stuff from fab food to swim suits and body boards to beautiful jewelry to crap your kids will break in three minutes toys!

It's seriously fun. And it's held every Wednesday and Saturday.

I've been meeting lots of fun new bloggers and scheming good days to do a blog swap and decided it might be fun for me to hold one day a week to do a swap. In honor of the Aloha Swap Meet, I've chosen Saturday, and it'll be called Swap 'n' Meet Saturdays. I swap blogs, we all meet new friends! ;)

SOoooooo...this is a call for entries. If you would like to swap blogs with me, shoot me an email (attemptingaloha @ gmail dot com), and we can schedule a date! You KNOW you want to spend a day in Paradise, right? Come on over!




  1. Hi there, I love swaps, but when you say swap blogs, do you mean we post something on one anothers blogs or how does this work? Sorry but I am not in the loop =)

  2. I have been to Oahu. Never made it to the swap meet though. Next time I go i'll have to check it out!

  3. Love love LOVE the swap meet in Oahu! It was a must visit for souvenirs whenever we had visitors and just a fun cheap Saturday out for the whole family!
    ACK! Your posts are reigniting my desire to move back!
    Once I get a bit more blogging under my belt I'd be happy to swap-er-oo with you!

  4. Hi Charlie!

    That Swap Meet does look fun! :) And about the blog swap, do you mean you would trade blogs once a week, with a different blogger every week? I am guessing this is what you mean...If so, that sounds really fun! It is such a neat idea, too. I would love to do this!

    I hope you're having a fun week!


  5. Saw you on tatertots&jello and the Aloha caught my eye - we lived on Oahu for a while a few years ago, in makakilo. Went to the swap meet lots of times!

  6. i love your blog title! my parents lived in oahu and aloha is a big part of our lifestyle! you have some awesome ideas on your blog, i'm gonna keep reading and get inspiration for my own!!! :-)


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