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Saturday, January 22, 2011

Swap 'n' Meet Saturday - Good Gravy Crafts


Today's Swap 'n' Meet Saturday guest is the lovely Kristyn from Good Gravy Crafts. Look at how cute she is with that flower in her hair! She's all ready to head to Hawaii for the day. ;)  Hope you all enjoy getting to know her and visiting her cute site. I'm off to Lowes today with three kids. By myself. Pray for me...

Hey Howdy Hey Attempting Aloha readers! My name is Kristyn visiting from Good Gravy Crafts, I am so glad to being joining Charlie today for a Blog Swap. I must admit, this is my very first blog swap so if I sound like a newbie well it’s because I am! When Charlie posted awhile back about the swap I was hoping she would send me a plane ticket to visit her in sunny Hawaii…sigh. I live in Massachusetts where right now we have over 2feet of snow on the ground. We also have another storm heading our way Friday, so needless to say I REALLY wish I was in Hawaii. Enough complaining already, I know.

I am a Mommy to two little ones, Little Miss Magic was 3 in October and Bahboo was 1 in October. My hubby’s hard work allows me to stay at home with them, which one of the many reasons he rocks! I have been creating “arts and crafts” my entire life. I have no training, just pure inspiration from other crafters and some brainpower. Charlie is one of those bloggers that inspires me all the time, I love that she reduces, reuses and recycles. I like all mediums, but it makes me really happy lately to turn something used into something fab!

Today I am sharing my thrift shop find, an ugly wall clock turned main attraction of my Winter Mantle.

Everything is had on hand,re-used or thrifted except the fake flowers and bowl filler.

:The small paper covered vases were remade from tomato cans.

:The books were covered with paper(same paper on the small vases) I had and tied up with twine.

:The bowl was .50 at the Thrift Store

:The tall glass vase and ice covered twigs I have had for years.

My entire Winter Mantle was under $20 spent! Later this week I will be doing a tutorial and a giveaway, so I would love for all you fabulous readers to subscribe to my blog.(I don't know why the Follow Me button is not working, argh Wordpress)

This has been such a great swap with Charlie, I am so honored to be here. Thank you all for taking the time to read my post, hope to have you visit me at Good Gravy Crafts soon!

Thanks again Charlie, I had fun!!




  1. Beautiful... what a great transformation. Happy Sunday to you.
    ~ Jo :)

  2. I actually like the wall clock before the transformation as well :) Thanks for sharing! Love the wrapped cans idea!


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