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Saturday, February 5, 2011

Swap 'n' Meet Saturday - A {Blonde's} DIY Life


Today's Swap 'n' Meet guest is a style guru! Seriously, she has impeccable taste. She puts together some AMAZING inspiration posts that just have me drooling! How do people find all this good stuff? I mean...I find some good stuff, but she seems to find all these amazing hidden gems that just blow me away! Maybe that's part of the secrets they teach to interior designers (she's legit), and I'm obviously just a self-taught mama.  PLUS she's a babe. AND she's talented with a sewing machine, glue gun, paint, etc. You name it, she's got the talent.
She's showing you a few of her favorite projects today, but I just had to include a couple of my fave's on top of these.


So here she is:

Hello Aloha readers!

Ashley here from A {Blonde's} DIY Life, I am so excited to be joining you all today through Charlie's swap and meet Saturday!  I found Charlie's blog shortly after I started blogging (or she found me, I can't remember!) and the girl has some talent!  I just LOVE the pillow she made out of her wedding dress, not only does it look FAB, but that took some serious guts!  I love the idea of doing something special with the dress you will never wear again, but to cut it up, even to make a gorgeous pillow, I think I would be too chicken to do that!  So kudos to you for going ahead with it, LOVE it!

And don't you just love that she recycled some old yoplait cups to make a super cute shandy for her girls space!  Such a great idea!

Not only does she have some serious talent, but she also gets to live in PaRaDiSe!  Let me just say, I'm super  jealous!  I love Hawaii, I spent Christmas there a few years ago, and just fell in love....

Anyway, I thought I would share with you some of my favorite projects I recently completed for my bedroom.
I always seem to be redoing my bedroom, I think I may have decorating ADD!   Anywhoo, I fell in love with this fabric and just knew that I needed to make drapes out of it!

You can read about it here!

I also created the hanging lamp you see in the picture from coffee filters, and a $3.00 paper lantern!
You can read all about my DIY hanging pendant lamp here!

One of my other recent projects was revamping a thrift store coffee table into a bench.

I actually redid this piece twice, you can read about it here!

And finally I just love this lamp I redid! I found a great deal on it at Tjmaxx, but it was a horrendous brassy color.
You can see how I refinished it here!

I hope you all enjoyed a glimpse into my bedroom, sorry about the messiness in some of the pictures, but I just get so excited about sharing projects, that I just have to share them with you all, before I get a chance to straighten up!

I hope you will all stop by and visit soon!



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