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Monday, October 31, 2011

Call for Bloggers - CHRISTMAS!


MERRY CHRISTMAS!!  Err...Happy Halloween!

As you may have noticed from my lack of Halloween decorating posts, I'm not super into the holiday. Mostly what it means to me is the day before Christmas celebrating starts! Sure, I have purple lights in my windows and orange icicle lights on my mantle. We carve pumpkins, dress up, and play games, but it's really just a formality. Apparently my imagination is a bit too vivid and can't handle gruesome or grotesque (in any degree).

Christmas is much more my style. As far as I'm concerned, Halloween kicks off Christmas decorating, music, and shopping. Thanksgiving is an extension of Christmas. It's the tailgating party where everyone gets fat and happy and REALLY starts to remember why family is so important.

Christmas was a really big deal for my family growing up. Lots of my happiest memories are centered around the holiday, and I want to create the same kind of atmosphere for my children to have happy memories. The smells, sights,'s all one big blurry, fuzzy feeling that just makes me smile to think about.

SO, it's only natural that this will be the busiest time on my blog. I have lots to share, and I also want to hear from you and see how you celebrate. I'll be doing 6 weeks of Christmas, 5 days per week, so 30 total days of Christmas with a different theme per day (eg. Day 1 - Stockings, Day 2 - Wreaths). And yes, there really are over 30 different elements of Christmas that I've categorized!!   So if you have something you've been working on or something you've already posted about and would like to have it featured in the Christmas line-up, shoot me an email: 

attemptingaloha at gmail dot com

I'll let you know what theme your idea fits and what day I'll be hosting that theme. Pretty much anything and everything Christmas will be featured. :)

Last year, I decorated in "Blue and Silver". Since we lived by the ocean, it seemed fitting. I'm embarrassed to show you some of these pics, but since I only had about 5 followers last Christmas, I thought I'd give the other 825 of you a peak at what went on last year.

Corkscrew Ornaments

Ziploc Bag Wreath

Advent Calendar

YoYo Mini Tree

Glittery Blue and Silver Pine Cones

Blue and Silver JOY sign

Neighbor Paint Stick Ornaments

Chicken Wire Card Display
((For anyone noticing the stockings there above...I didn't even get a chance to blog about those last year! Ha!! Maybe I'll put up a tute for those along with this year's "Stockings" day.))

Teacher Subway Art Clock - $5 Gift

Making Gift Bows out of Ribbon - ((and headband))

White Ruffled Garland

Union Station Clock - $5 Gift

This year, we're surrounded by pine trees!!! So this year's theme is "Rustic Chic" (the Pottery Barn magazines are ready to be hacked).

Do you have any Christmas posts ready to share?  Foods, cookies, gifts, decor, ornaments, etc. Send the aloha!!




  1. How cool is that?! I love that your blog has grown so much since last year! I am in the same boat----I think I had 2 followers this time last year! Anddddd I wasn't even that "into" crafting yet---can you believe that? And I for sure did not give much thought to my christmas decor---buttt wow have times change! I feel like I hardly know where to start! :o) Jaime {your new bff}
    from crafty scrappy happy

  2. I have something I'm working on. I wasn't even blogging last Christmas, so I don't have past projects :) But I will email you and tell you what it is!

  3. OK, I just have to ask... how did you go from 5 to 833 followers in less than a year??? Amazeballs!

  4. Hi Charlie!

    I remember some of those projects from last year that you did! :) I am just like you, November 1st means I can listen to Christmas music without my family looking at me TOO weird! I have always been way more into Thanksgiving and Christmas than Halloween! :)

    And I love that you have so much planned for Christmas, and I can't wait to see it all! I am interested in contributing a craft idea...must give it some thought as to what, though! :)

    I hope you have a good night!


  5. Thanks for visiting my Thanksgiving Table Dress Rehearsal and commenting--it brought me to your blog, and what a help it's been. I'm with you--not nuts about Halloween. Fall, yes, Halloween, I do a few things, and NOT SCARY! But your post has helped me get my holiday mind around the holiday season. I always think like Nordstrom...there's Thanksgiving, THEN comes Christmas, but I always end up feeling like before I know it it's Christmas, because I waited until Thanksgiving was over to think about it! Now I will think about a holiday "season" that has TWO holidays! Thanks!


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