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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Can I Ask a Favor? - 2 Tips for Helping Your Google Reader Followers


Just wanted to write a quick tip and ask a favor.

I follow HUNDREDS of blogs. I'm sure lots of you do as well. And when each of them is posting multiple times per week, that can REALLY clog up my Google Reader. I don't have tons of time to read through every word and comment on each one, so it means I typically end up flying through my Reader at top speed. As I've been doing this the last couple of days, I've realized a couple of things that bother me as a subscriber to some blogs, and I thought perhaps I might share. Maybe this will help us save a little time in our days if everyone (or at least more than just me) can make a couple simple changes.

1) If you truncate posts, be sure it truncates after at least one picture. Ninety-nine times out of 100, I skip right over truncated posts in my Reader. I'm simply scrolling too fast to even notice the titles. Maybe it's a side-effect of seeing so many pretty pics on Pinterest and having little patience for reading, but whatever the cause, I'm most likely not going to click on truncated posts without a pic.

2) Can you plelase, pretty please add a link to your blog at the END of your post? As I mentioned, I scroll through at top speed, and lots of times, I don't know how much I'm going to love a post right from the beginning. But after scrolling through the pics, I realize how much I LOVE a project and want to comment. But then what happens?

Yep, I'm at the end of the post, and there's no way to jump quickly to the site. Blah. Amy, your mirror is so pretty! mean I actually have to scroll all the way back up through those pics to the beginning just to get to the site, and then scroll back down through them again to get to where I was?? Oh, bother. Again, 9 times out of 10, I don't comment on a post because I'm too lazy to scroll back up to the top. If you made it easy for me, I'd be much more likely to click on your link and leave you a lovely comment. Voila! Your number of visits goes up just because you made it easy for me!

Do you agree with me?  Or am I the only lazy follower out there? :)




  1. I didn't know that I was supposed to put a link at the are a genious!! :)

  2. Okay Charlie help me. I want just a text link to my blog like yours at the bottom of every post. If there an automatic way to do that in blogger??

  3. i still haven't jumped on a blog reader bandwagon.. i normally just click the links from my blogger dashboard and open each site in a new tab. i almost feel like i'm missing out on something if i'm just reading everything through a feed reader!
    xo dana

  4. These are a couple of great suggestions that I hadn't thought about before.

    I actually don't truncate my posts (and in fact, I kind of purposefully don't click over if I see that a post on another blog is truncated--like they're telling me I *have* to click over--and I don't like being told what to do ;)

    The link at the bottom is a great idea.

    And on the subject of suggestions to blog authors, I just wrote about centering text here:

  5. I agree with you....and now I love you a bit more for putting a link saved me scrolling :)

  6. Oh. My. Gosh. YES!! I totally agree! Brilliant!

  7. I too only use my dashboard, cause I find the reader too boring... not enough pretty stuff!!

  8. I will try. I'm still learning how all this blogging stuff works. But I will try. Thanks for the tip.


  9. I don't have half an idea of what the heck you are talking about here. I don't know what truncate is. lol Must be why you have never commented on my blog!!! lmao;)

  10. Adding a link at the bottom of each post is a fabulous idea! Now I have to find a tutorial to teach me how to do that automatically. Any suggestions?

  11. I just added a link at the bottom of my posts. Thanks for the instructions on how to do that. I very rarely read in Google reader so I didn't even realize the inconvenience. I hope I have it correctly done now. Let me know if it still isn't correct when you read it. Thanks!

  12. Ha, ha! Agreed.

    On a related note, you should check out Feedly. It's basically a reader that accesses your GReader subscriptions but in a much more visually pleasing and less cluttered interface. I love it and haven't gone back to Google since!

  13. I wish Google reader would put all the buttons that are on the top of the post on the bottom, too and vice versa. I'm going to have to check out Feedly-thanks, Lauren!

  14. charlie,

    I totally get what you are saying. I wish everyone would watermark their photos, cause I start reading and then I have to jump back to the top to see whose blog I'm reading.
    Can I give ya a little hint in google reader? Space bar will scroll down through the posts. J jumps to the next post K will jump you back up to the top of the post or the post above.
    I J, K, and space my way through my reader very quickly. :)


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