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Sunday, October 30, 2011

Please Be Kind... :)

Ok, peeps. I've received a couple emails from people (particularly after the Halloween BINGO printable), trying to say thanks but not being able to since they don't have a registered account. I've kept anonymous comments at bay because my blog is meant to be a place for me to just share information and receive positive feedback. Did ya catch that important word positive? I'd rather have just a few very nice comments than hundreds of comments mingled with one or two nasties. Those nasties just ruin my week.

But I've decided to open up the anonymous least temporarily. We'll see how it goes. I appreciate those who have taken the time to leave nice comments and to email me despite not being able to leave a comment before. It means a lot and makes my blogging worthwhile (cuz ya know I'm not getting paid to do it).

This week marks one year that I've been blogging, and I have yet to receive any kind of negitive comments, so I'm hoping it will stay that way. Please?

Thanks and aloha,



  1. Charlie, My blog is generally open to anonymous comments due to giveaways. I can't remember ever getting a negative comment. I get tons of spam though. TONS However, blogger is really good at blocking it. But it still gets sent to my inbox (because I subscribe to my own comments)
    Good luck! :)

  2. :) Have a great week! You are so creative. Thanks for sharing!


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