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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Day 4 - Tablescapes

NOTICE: If you're not on Pinterest, and you like pretty pictures, join the land of the living and follow along. Many of my inspirations for this series were found on Pinterest. :)  But I may be slightly obsessed...


Today's post is about something I know absolutely zero about! Ha! So this is going to be super inspiration for maybe use ONE day. I'm still not 100% sold on the idea since I've seen how my children eat, and it ain't pretty... But I may incorporate one or two fun things into our Thanksgiving and Christmas feasts this year! We'll see how motivated I am.

Here's something I could actually do:


Gotta love some pine cone table garland! And this would be excellent for Christmas OR Thanksgiving. Very holiday-neutral. ;)

Wouldn't these be the perfect little companions to that garland?

I think that garland, these place holders, and a burlap runner would probably complete my "tablescape". I'm real fancy like that ((truthfully that WOULD be very fancy for my fam)). Ha!

I love the lighting in this next one. Must. Find. Lanterns...

Sharps Farm

 With three kids under age 7, that's a disaster waiting to happen, though. I can still dream, can't I?

Here's one that has kind of a candy cane theme goin' on:

More red & white love:

Hey, look! This one has my exact dining set!

Who doesn't love some simple white?

And for those who like schwubbuwy:

((This one actually links to Kate's/Centsational Girl's fabulous line-up of tablescapes. I highly recommend visiting that link for more table pretties.))

Want to see a few more place holders? I knew you would:

And last, and definitely my favorite (come on...I'm a mom of three girls):

And there you have it, folks. Any special tablescape plans in your near future? Which one is your favorite?




  1. These were pretty table setting ideas. Wow! I just loved the ones with the pinecones.

  2. We usually have too much food on the table to leave room for tablescapes. But I like those red and white ideas. Our kitchen decor is red-white-black so I could probably do the red and white without having to purchase anything new.

  3. Love the pinecone and twig place settings! But we have a LARGE family so it's grab a paper plate and squeeze in where you can. No formal settings here. :) but I can dream right?


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