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Friday, November 11, 2011

Day 5 - Holiday Foods

There's a lot of ground to cover today, so I'll make my notes brief, and there will be lots of pics!

Let's start out with:


Let's just get right to my favorite food in the whole wide world...stuffed mushrooms! I'd take a plate of these bad boys over chocolate any day! I know they're not a tradition for most people, but my mom started it when I was in high school, and it's become my own tradition since. Mmmmmm... I've never tried this crab version, but it looks excellent!

I asked my Facebook peeps what their favorite holiday food is. Kerri said pomegranate salad! Yummy! It's new for me, but I think I'll be trying it for either Thanksgiving or Christmas.

For the other holiday, I'll probably go with my new favorite salad:

And no holiday party is complete without a cheeseball or some chips and dip!

Hot crab dip. Holy delicious, Batman!

My husband loves jello and jello salads. I'm not a huge fan, but maybe I'll try one of these for Thanksgiving and one for Christmas just for him.

And maybe something to drink? We'd go with the "unspiked" version of this, but I'll bet this makes your house smell amazing!

Now on to the main meal!

My husband doesn't love turkey (he's non-cannibalistic). ;) So we're doing a ham, and he's requested cornish game hen as well. Ummm...what? Yeah, we've already purchased them, so I guess we'll see how this goes.

And for you traditional folks:

The perhaps some rolls?

And cranberries:

Also not a stuffing fan (don't hate me), but it wouldn't be a holiday meal round-up without it!

Mashed potatoes! These are garlic mashed. My mom is the queen of garlic mashed potatoes... Yum!

And yams. With a little ((lot)) brown sugar and some marshmallows maybe?

And now on to the real reason we came to this party! The whipped cream!!! Wait...I mean...the pies!!

Classic pumpkin:

Chocolate Cream (always a crowd pleaser):

And my personal favorite:

So. What did I leave out of your meal? And what's your favorite part?




  1. I am not a fan of jello, either, but I LOVE the jello pretzels salad. Just do a thin layer of jello and the cream cheese and pretzels totally make up for the jello!

  2. @ Alison - I have never heard of a jello pretzels salad. I might give that a try!

  3. Now I'm hungry! :) You've got a lot of my favorites on there! I have a dutch apple pie that I usually make around the holidays and then I have THE MOST FABULOUS cinnamon roll recipe!! Love, love, love :)

  4. You covered everything except for the green bean casserole....I need to run around the block after drooling over your post...

  5. It all looks so yummy! And I was mentioned heehee you are so cool. :) this is the link to the pomegranate salad that I make. (minus the raisins, I really don't like those little wrinkly things)


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