Monday, November 14, 2011

Day 6 - Gifts for Women

This week we're talking about gifts. I LOVE giving gifts. I love thinking about them, buying stuff for them, making them (sewing, painting, woodworking, you name it). I don't particularly love wrapping them, but I love watching them unwrap! Sadly, we live far from family, so I miss out on most of the unwrapping except for my little immediate family (kids and hub). I try my hardest to use my record my kids opening all their gifts from specific family members and then email it to them, so they can "watch" my kids open their gifts.

Today's topic is gifts for women. Be it a sister, mother, sisters-in-law, girlfriends, grandmas, whatever. We're going to try to find a gift that might work for you. BUT, I try to be as practical as I can. I know I've seen a bunch of really cute kitchen kits out there with hot pads and whisks and measuring cups, but unless you know the woman really well, and you know she NEEDS those things (or she's a new bride), most women don't really want more measuring cups. It just adds more clutter to my already junky kitchen drawers. But I'll love you forever if you give me some awesome jewelry...or let's just be safe and go with chocolate, right? ;)

I have a few gifts I've finished or am working on, but I don't want to spoil the surprise (you know...on the super slight chance than anyone in my family actually READS my blog). So you'll have to settle for last year's project for now.

For my sister-in-law, I made this personalized Union Station Clock (a PB knock-off).


I wish I had a pic of it, but for my mom, I had a custom music box tune made by a company in England that played "Slipping through My Fingers" from Mama Mia. She and I watched that show together and bawled our eyes out at that part (with my kids screaming and running around in the background) a couple summers ago, so it had even MORE meaning. I took the little music player, and my husband and I inserted it into a nice jewelry box that  I purchased separate. It was tricky to get it to play when the lid opens, but it was pretty spectacular. And I will NEVER forget her face when she opened it and listened to the tune and realized what it was playing.

Nothing better than giving the perfect gift. :)
(It sounds like the music box playing at 3:13 in this video. Such a cute song.)

Let's just go ahead and start off with something fabulous. How about a perfect little clutch? Martha's crew is awesome.

Wait...what's that? You want more Martha? Okay.

((Now if anyone can find hand towels like that, please PLEASE tell me where. Apparently that post is a couple years old, so they're not available anymore.))

And don't worry, Martha even thought of Grandma:

My friend (who shall remain anonymous to protect her gift-giving secrets) is going to make some of these cute state embroidery gifts for her fam. Anyone in my fam do embroidery? Bueller?? We've only got 7 states for you to cover...

These are from Kojo Designs as posted on Little Miss Momma.

I saw these this week and fell in love! Santa may or may not be making some of these for myself...Yes, Santa talks in third-person/first-person just to confuse you.

Vintage Glamorous

Looking for something simple to do in bulk?

For those of you who don't actually have to SHIP your gifts to your loved ones: ((sigh))

This is cute for a grandma. But mine would need about 4 of those...she has 10 kids, 30 grandkids (so far, my youngest uncle is younger than me), and 4 great-granddaughters!  This is from Taya at Craft of the Week!

For the younger, hip sister:

Or some easy peasy (no tools needed) jewelry:

Or for those who are feeling a little more ambitious, Bev at Flamingo Toes has MANY awesome necklace and jewelry tutorials. I LOVE her site!!

For the traveller:

For the giver who's always giving:

How much more would you love your sister if she gave you this?:

For the seamstress (this is adorable):

Another simple but fab necklace:

Looking for more "grandma" gifts (for your mom of your kids)? What about a little refrigerator love? These are ADORABLE:

And who can't use a new sassy apron?

And another cute idea for a seamstress:
Source: via Attempting on Pinterest

These awesome cooling pads are made from rocks, felt, and hot glue! Thank you, Martha!

I know my music jewelry box is probably a bit more ambitious than many are looking for, but what about a simpler jewelry display box? This one from Artsy Tartsy Jewels is awesome!

I'd be thrilled to get a handmade sweater cap (made from an old sweater) like this one from At Second Street:

Running out of time and money? Here's a super simple and inexpensive gift that will surely make the receiver smile!  Simple Flower Earrings.

Here's an AMAZING one for you from Kate at Centsational Girl. DIY wood cutting boards!! My mom would love these! Now if only shipping didn't cost a fortune...

What's on YOUR list? (both FOR women and FROM Santa...since I have yet to receive a comment from a man, I'm going to go ahead and assume that the vast majority of you are women).



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  1. Oh my gosh all of these are amazing! I can't wait for Christmas.

  2. Thanks for sharing these. LOVE the inspiration. I've seen the picture frame kids art and think it's brilliant!

  3. Thank you so much for including me! Love your list!


  4. You are so creative! I'm jealous! LOL's.

  5. Hi- towels very similar to those are available at Ikea for under $1 each. They are white'tea towels' with a simple red stripe. Very retro.

  6. I would so love to find tutorials on even half of these!!!

  7. Hi still trying to figure out the blogging thing, but wanted to respond to the kitchen towels... Ikea has similar ones...

    Not sure if you have access to Ikea though... they don't ship them.

  8. joanne fabric store have those exact towels, they are called something like "grandmas old-fashioned towels"

  9. I think hobby lobby has those towels too, in the embroidery section at our store, if like me, you've
    Moved to a crazy town that doesn't have a Jo Ann's within two hours!!


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