Friday, November 25, 2011

Day 9 - Handmade Christmas Gifts for Boys

UPDATE:  Now over 30  ideas! Please email me if you have something you'd like me to consider adding! Thanks for visiting!!

As you can imagine, with three daughters, we don't have a ton of boy stuff in our house, but I do have a few little nephews! So it's been fun gaining inspiration for them, and I hope these are helpful for you. :)

Matchbox Car Track - By Brittany from Pretty Handy Girl as posted on Infarrantly Creative.

What little boy doesn't love a good fort?

Or a fort kit if you're not up to drilling anything:

Here's another fort idea if you have one of those card tables sitting around. This one is from Sew Much Ado:

Maybe a mini-lounger is just what your little guy needs:

Awesome toyboxes to contain their new treasures:

Are you buying for a baby boy this year? This is just the right gift for the football family!

This is from an awesome onesie inspiration post over at A Girl and a Glue Gun. Visit Kimbo to find other awesomesauce baby swag ideas.

Doing a kitchen reno? Or have some random cupboards from a thrift store laying around? Why not turn them into a cute little writing desk to put under the tree for your little one?

This great tutorial is from iCandy Handmade.

Does your little guy like to build with you? I think my girls might like something like this from Hidden Sisters:

Here's another cute little tool bench:

Boys like helping in the kitchen, too!

If you just have toddlers around, they'll love something simple like this, and I'll bet they love playing with it even more than the expensive stuff. :)

What about these cute Lego tie tacks from Delia Creates?

She also did these awesome Lego belts:

This skateboard sling from The Boy Trifecta is sweet! I'm so outta the boy stuff, but it seems cool! ;)

If we had a large tree in our backyard, this would DEFINITELY be going up. Looks easy to build, and I'm sure any little guy (or gal) would love it.

Here's a cute idea for keeping the little guy entertained when on the road or at church or restaurants:

Or maybe just a crayon roll:

I think chalk is pretty messy, so ours stays with the chalkboard in the playroom or outside. But I know lots of people love these take-along chalk mats!

If you're not that great at sewing but still want to personalize your gifts, what about adding some detail to a scripture bag like Kimbo did at A Girl and a Glue Gun:

Want something with zero sewing?  What about some good old play dough!

Here's a super cute car caddy:

We have an aspiring juggler in our family. Some small bean bags are on my to-make list. Here's a tutorial from Chrystal's Corner:

And these felt Star Wars action finger figures make me laugh (from Amy at The Idea Room):


And if you really want to go all out, why not just build a sandbox with built-in seating and cover!

And why don't we throw in a super hero stocking stuffer while we're at it:

Lego and Car Table from Meet the Dubiens:

I LOVE these little DIY hobby horses from Dandee Designs! Wouldn't that be a fun gift to make?

And I might be attempting some of these awesome Angry Birds from Obsessively Stitching:

Or I may cheat and do something like this from Homemade Beauties by Heidi :

Cheri from I Am Momma Hear Me Roar has a great tutorial for brimmed beanies made from old sweaters and cardboard:

And I LOVE this little fold-up, take-along barn!! I'll definitely be making the doll house version for my littlest gal. :)

There you have it, ladies. Over 25 handmade Christmas gifts for boys!

Will you be trying any? Have any for me to add?



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  1. Great compilation Charlie! There are going to be some pretty lucky boys this Christmas. I have a couple DIY projects for my DS gifts this year too! Crossing my fingers I get them done in time!

  2. Love the list, thanks for including me on it:) With 3 boys of my own I am pinning this for my own reference!

  3. Awesome ideas! Thanks for pulling them all together. Visiting from Positively Splendid

  4. Wow, love this list, have had the lego table on Pinterest for a while. Bot my boy is a bit young this year. Love the fort kit, and think I will be personalising some clothes this year for my boy, plus a floor cushion and have already done some bean bags.

    Will be pinning this now!

  5. This is a great round up of gift ideas! Thanks for sharing (and for featuring my matchbox ramp.)


  6. LOVE these ideas - thanks for your hard work!

  7. My husband is making a balance board for my 8 year old son and I'm hoping my son will make marshmallow guns for my husband.

  8. I think most boys and most girls I know would like most of these gifts. I'll be making the fort kit for my niece.

  9. Awesome! Found you via pinterest and just shared this on my facebook page :)


  10. Wow! I just found my chalk mat featured here! Thanks for the 2 minutes of fame! :)

  11. I really want to make the barn, but there isn't a link. LOVE LOVE LOVE everything on here! Thank you!!

    1. This is the link to the tutorial for the barn :) You might have to copy and paste into your browser.

  12. Well, I think handmade christmas gifts are best for boys. I like all the gifts that made by you. I also get idea for making such gifts.

  13. Kinder capes has better capes than the ones shown - - so cute!

  14. Great ideas! We are always so desperate for boy projects. We made this fun super hero town...

  15. One year my husband purchased several 8 foot 2x4's & cut them in equal segments.Then he carefully sanded the edges so there were no sharp corners, painted half of the blocks green & half of them blue. The entire collection was placed in a 'milk crate' wrapped in brown paper & presented to them at Christmas (I have 3 sons). It was the best, most used present ever. It built ziggurats & the Tower of Babel, houses for stuffed toys & all sorts of imaginary forts. It's now almost 15 years later. The boys are 22,20 & 17 and that crate of blocks is STILL their favorite toy! Admittedly--it's now used for creative things like impromptu TV stands & propping open the hood of whatever vehicle they're working on...but still :)

  16. I love these ideas. I am a Mom of 4 boy's and look forward to doing some of these.

  17. With seven grand children I'm so happy to see and have desires to do so much more. Thank you.


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