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Monday, May 28, 2012

I'm Back? And I'm curious...


Well, I've been AWOL. Where have I been, you ask? Oh, you know...curled up in a ball on my bathroom floor, begging for mercy and praying my esophagus endures the 9 months of torture... Yeah. That.

For some reason, opening my computer made me want to vomit. Random aversion to blogging. Maybe my body's way of telling me to take a break from all my projects and just chill? Who knows. But at any rate, I'm approaching the mid-way point, and I'm still on Zofran but at least able to keep food down and am getting ready to start projects again.

SIDETRACK: I was sick with my first baby, and I was on meds all 9 months. But the second two were classic, textbook "morning sickness" pregnancies. I'd force myself to wake up early, eat a couple crackers, immediately jump on the treadmill, and push through nausea.I'd maybe vomit once in the morning, but then I'd be fine the rest of the day. Completely gone by 16 weeks.

All girls, so gender played no part in any of it. The only thing I can attribute it to is running...  I was a lazy, lazy beast during my first pregnancy. I felt like it was my time to just kick back and take it easy. So I did. And I gained 40 lbs. And had a 6 lb. baby. That calculates into one disappointed mama after giving birth and expecting to fit right back into pre-pregnancy clothes and lifestyle. Boo.

So I bought a treadmill and started running. Like, a lot. Like 1/2 marathons. Then I got pregnant with baby two at 10 months post-partum, and all that misery was still fresh on my mind, so I was determined not to let history repeat itself. I kept right on running (with my doctor's approval). I eventually started slowing down my routines, watched my heart rate, ran fewer miles, etc. But I ran a 5K at 29 weeks and did it in 35 minutes (and only because I had to wait around for my sisters-in-law to catch up to you there Erin and Jami??). I ran three miles the day before I delivered.

I still gained 35 lbs. That just seems to be what my body needs to gain, but I was walking on my treadmill again within days and up to slow jogging within two weeks and full running by 6 weeks.  I lost the weight so fast, my only problem was keeping up my milk supply...but I even worked through that.

Baby 3, repeat story with baby 2. Except I ran the morning I delivered this time. :) 40 weeks on the dot.

Then we moved to Hawaii, and my treadmill did not survive the trek. Something went haywire, and the belt keeps slipping when I get up to full running speed. Ummm...not safe. Being DIYers, we made many attempts at fixing it, but to no avail.  I know lots of you out there are saying, "RUN OUTSIDE"! And that sounds fine and dandy unless you have a husband who leaves the house at 4:50 every morning, so there's no way of running "before the kids get up", and are too stinking scrawny to push a double or triple jogging stroller at a comfortable pace. Blah.

Yes, I bought one. And yes, I intended to run with it. But 65 lbs of stroller + 85 lbs of kids - 110 lbs of mama just wasn't happening. I walked a 5k with it. Once. Then I sold it because it was just plain ridiculous. I had to be let in the "vehicle entrance" if I wanted to use it at the zoo. lol

Add to all that the chaos of renovating the entire house in such a short amount of time, and exercise just got pushed to the bottom of the priority list. Then we moved. AGAIN.

Once school started, this might have been a good time for me to buy a single jogging stroller and started to run again. But frankly, I was out of the routine, and I hadn't gained any weight, so I was feeling lazy and unmotivated. If I had unlimited fundage (that's totally a word), I'd go out and buy another $700-1000 treadmill and start walking. Or if anyone on our local Craigslist would post one for free or even $100, I'd be all over it.

Baby 4. Lazy mama. Again. Sick mama. Again.  Coincidence?  Call it what you want, but I'm 100% convinced there's a correlation.

So I'm curious, did any of you exercise (specifically running) during pregnancy? And were you sick? I'd love to take my own little poll here. My husband is so convinced after seeing me all 4 times that he's using me as an example to try to encourage his OB patients to get a little exercise.

So hopefully we'll be seeing more of each other, and I'll be seeing less of the inside of the toilet bowl. You're much prettier. ;)




  1. I didn't have the nausea at all during my two pregnancies. However, with the first I walked a lot. Always at least 5 miles total every day. With the second I always had the first glued to my left butt cheek and she never napped - wanted mommy all the time. So not as much activity. The delivery of the first was soooo much easier with the first. And I'm convinced it was the walking.

  2. First, congratulations on expecting again! I am not a runner, but I know that getting fresh air always made me feel better. Just a walk around the block would do the trick. Also, do you still live on Oahu? I would love to do a bloggers meet up some time. :)

  3. Congrats! I struggle with one daughter, so I'm always in awe of those with more than one child :)

    I was a runner (or I attempted to run) pre-baby. I tried keeping up with the running but was so winded didn't make it past my first trimester. I had horrible morning sickness through out my pregnancy - coming and going. So my unscientific input, the running didn't help me any in the first trimester.

    I feel your pain with not finding time to run. I've started back up again, daughter is almost two. I've found the only time I can do it is 5am. And I'm a sleep loving girl, so its hard.

  4. I have a 10 month old and ran up until about 2 months before delivery. My feet and legs couldn't take it anymore with 30 extra pounds. I still exercised on the eliptical, walked, and ran very little those last two months though. I never got sick...felt nauseous early on, but never was sick. I think you might be right...there may be a correlation.

  5. I've only had one, but I was mildly sick one single day. (At the time it didn't seem so mild.) I was lazy, didn't watch what I was eating and gained at least 55lbs. My son turns one this month and I'm still 20lbs above my pre-pregnancy weight. Weight loss fail over here!! :( I recently purchased a used jogging stroller so it's helped quite a bit.

  6. I was really sick with my first. For 5 months. I actually lost weight until month 5. Ick. Second baby I only had morning sickness for the usual period of time. This pregnancy I was told to 'eat through the sickness' and it worked like a charm. Unfortunately, I am a lot bigger than the other two but hey ho...I can lose it later. Not being sick was SO worth the extra calories:-)

    I was fitter in my first pregnancy. I went to the gym all the time. It didn't have anything to do with my morning sickness that I can tell but everyone is different and if you feel is probably true.

    I hope you feel better soon...

  7. I have/had horrible morning sickness with 3 of my 4 pregnancies and mild morning sickness with one.. I do yoga or aerobics during the 2nd and 3rd trimester, at home, where I feel like I can stop if I start feeling bad. I gain a LOT of weight during pregnancies (70, 40, 30 for my first three) and don't start losing weight until almost a year after despite exclusively breastfeeding..

  8. My sweet OB/GYN from my first pregnancy back in Kansas STRONGLY encouraged me to walk at least a mile every single day, and I am certain that is why baby #1's delivery was so perfect, and one reason I got back to pre-baby weight quickly. Baby #2 was baking in the oven while we were moving across the country and then to Europe, feeling the entire 10 months (very late baby) like I had a serious case of the flu - no exercise other than scattered walking. Baby #3, I was actively vomiting any time my stomach became empty, but I keep up with low-inpact aerobics, and then began running when we moved to (yes!) Oahu also. For years I ran on a one-mile loop up on Camp Smith that I could see the kids the entire time, and the older ones kept an eye on the baby. I'm fully in support of as much exercise as your body can handle during pregnancy, but it varies a lot from person to person.

  9. Hello Charlie,

    I wanted to thank you for your Jan. 18th post about 50+ Organizational Ideas! I found your link on Pinterest and enjoyed all of your fun and creative tips. I am a teacher of 20+ years and I just started a blog. I attached a link to your page to let my readers know of your blog post chalk-full of ideas and tips!

    By the way, I grew up in Kailua, Oahu, and my entire family still lives on Oahu. Needless to say, I was happily surprised to see that you live there too! Love the name of your blog!
    HeiDee (teachingbieber)

  10. I spent the first 5 months a total lazy pig....of course, I deserved it- HELLO!?! I'm prego- my right- my life! So then I started my Bradley Method Birthing Classes (natural childbirth) and they gave me a weekly eating agenda/ 100+ grams of protein and lots of other stuff- check it off on the list each day and eat a whole lot to cover it all- I'M GAME! I started walking at that time. bye bye zofran- bye bye all day sickness- bye bye pure misery and hate of being prego. From that point on----I LOVE BEING PREGNANT! My last month was the greatest (except for the part of fearing my baby was going to fall out because he was soooooo low- not a pleasant feeling). I'm convinced my daily living choices are going to make or break me- prego or not!!!

  11. I worked out almost every morning before getting pregnant. Alot of running. Continued it during my pregnancy. I was rarely sick, never really had morning sickness. It was just very random. Still gained 38 pounds, he was 9 lbs 4 ozs. But I bounced back really quickly.

  12. I was lucky enough to be able to run up until about 6 months of pregnancy and after that my bladder couldn't handle it again! I did a lot of yoga and that totally saved me, by the end I was still walking a mile or two everyday until I got put on bedrest. I actually walked two miles the day I went into labor...I think it helped:)

  13. My first I did not excercise escept for a few hikes and walking aroung for 12 hour shifts at work. No sickness and a quick delivery. I started to run after my first was 10/12 months to get back into shape and was training for a 1/2 marathon when I became pregnant the 2nd time. I ran 5k's and continued with my long runs of 9/10 miles till exhaustion set in and I could only make it a few miles. Exhaustion ceased a little and I continued running more miles and @ 20 weeks ran 5 miles and went in for my first u/s and found out it was TWINS! So I went to walking and walked up until the day I went into labor @ 39 weeks. No morning sickness with either pregnancy but I say being in such great shape helped me be able to carry my twins to term and have an easy quick labor with all my babies. I am buying a triple stroller but a different brand and I hope it isn't too horrible to push like yours was. I have been back to running since 6 weeks PP but my 4 y/o is getting tired of riding his bike miles everyday along with our double stroller so I thought I would try a triple one. we will see how it goes :)


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