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Attempting Aloha: Nov 21, 2012

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Christmas Gifts for Crafty Kids

Aloha and happy Thanksgiving!!

This is probably one of the riskiest posts I will ever write. "Why is that, Charlie?" I can hear you asking. Well, I have a house full of little believers  (if you will). And if they somehow see the post I am about to unveil, it just might ruin the 25th of December. No pressure, right?  I'm just up writing this post at midnight to make sure they don't see it. And I'll be extra sure they don't come around while I'm blogging for...oh, I don't know...maybe the next 8 years? lol

But really, I think you'll all thank me for divulging.

Here's the thing. I have a confession. I have NEVER been Black Friday shopping. GASP! As much as I love a bargain, I don't enjoy competition or big crowds. I'd rather scour eBay, Amazon, Craigslist, and thrift stores and hoard for months (and possibly even lose a few gifts because I've forgotten where I hid them all) than fight the madness that I've heard of as Black Friday.  Also, I'm not a morning person. I think sleeping in is one of the only things that will kill my drive for bargain hunting. Ha!

I've always been a big Web fan. I'm a blogger. That's probably a no-brainer. But I seriously love sitting in my  sweats late at night and finding fun ideas for my little ones; clicking a few buttons; and then sitting back and relaxing while I wait for the packages to come rolling in. Or running around and decorating and baking and delivering gifts...

Today I'm going to share a great site for your Cyber Monday kid shopping if you're like me and LOVE when your kids are happily (quietly) working away at a craft project. Nothing makes my heart swell with pride quite like seeing all my kids at the table working on some project or another. It's so fulfilling for me them. ;)  Truly, they do love it, too!

ConsumerCrafts.com is an amazing craft site that I would compare to Michael's but with better-than-Amazon pricing. Yeah. Tha gtood. Starting Black Friday, they will have doorbusters that last through the weekend (while supplies last). Then on Cyber Monday (November 26th), it is the last day of the doorbuster pricing, AND the entire site is 30% off AND free shipping! Aside from just giving you the stuff for free, it doesn't get much better than that!!

So here's what I'm getting for my crafts girls who range in age from 3-8.

My 6-year-old specifically asked for these Fun Fusion perler beads when we were at Toys R Us the other day. But the kit there was much smaller and cost $9. Compared to this one with over 400 project ideas and 4000 beads for $7 (or $4.90 since I'll be waiting until Monday to take advantage of the 30% off). I've also added the perler bead pegboards that were 2 for $4.97 (or about $3.50 on Monday).

My 8-year-old will love this origami kit. You have to click on it and see what's in the kit to really appreciate just how awesome of a gift it is for $15 ($10.50 Monday). This goes way beyond what we typically think of as origami. I may end up stealing it from her...
And my 3-year-old will be thrilled to squish this Play Foam around for hours (hopefully). ;)  Honestly, though, who doesn't love to squish stuff in their hands?! Easy, fun, and imaginative $10 gift. Perfect!

The three of them will each be getting their own chef's aprons and hats, so they can help create with me in the kitchen. I had intended to make both the hats and aprons, but as I was browsing Consumer Crafts, I came across these chef's hats for $1.27 each. No joke! Not worth making when I can buy for that cheap and then embellish with coordinating apron colors!! Score!

They'll also each get their own paint-by-number for less than $3 each. I used to LOVE these as a kid! This horse one will be for my oldest, and they have some simpler versions that my 3- and 6-year-olds will get.

And just to prove that I also allow them complete freedom of creativity, they'll each get a mini easel ($1.50) and mini 3" x 3" canvas (also $1.50).

And last-but-not-least, my kids' favorite, Play Doh. It's not Christmas if they don't get a bunch of Play Doh in their stockings to last them the whole year! And this 24 pack of colors is only $16 (11.20 on Monday). I compared the exact product on Amazon, and it was $18.

Their site really has so much great stuff. I'm barely scratching the surface! These are just things that I will be buying for my own kids on Monday (I'll score all of this stuff for less than $50 AND I don't have to pay for shipping).

U.S. customers can order online. International customers will need to call to place your orders.

You can also visit them on FACEBOOK,      TWITTER,     or their blog CRAFTS UNLEASHED.

DISCLOSURE: This post is part of a paid campaign with ConsumerCrafts.com and The Blueprint Social. All opinions are 100% my own.

Aloha, and I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving full of laughter, friends and family, and good food!