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Attempting Aloha: Jan 14, 2011

Friday, January 14, 2011

Somebody Shoot Me - 2011 Home Plans - And an Announcement

Well, friends, I have an announcement to make:

We are being relocated.
In early July.
To the east coast (mainland).
After living in our new home for only 9 months (total).

We had anticipated being here for 5-6 years, but our family has decided dad's career path needs to change, so he is switching specialties in order to be home with our family more. We are ecstatic about that!! Less thrilled about having to uproot the fam and move around the world. Again. When we're in the middle of gutting our ENTIRE HOUSE.

It is going to be a miserable 6 months, but I'm going to attempt to keep that aloha spirit alive as we plow through our huge TO-DO list. 

I need your help, though. I'm going to need some help making design plans as was planning to have lots of time to research and also planned to live in the space for awhile. Now, our plans are being minimized by a couple things: 1) we simply do not have the time to do some of the things we wanted to do (like an addition and moving our front door to the actual front of the house...currently main entrance is at the side) and 2) we want to keep this home, so it is going to be rented out starting in July when we leave, so we want it to be nice but nothing over the top.


So here is my to-do list. I have it broken down by month so far, and once we hit a particular month, I'll try to break it down to weeks.


My husband takes his Step 3 board exams next week, so he's been busy studying and preparing for that the last couple months (on top of 80+ hour work weeks), so this is an "easy" month.

1) Gut and refinish main level 1/2 bath
2) Do drywall finishing in dining room and living room (popcorn ceilings already scraped and drywall has been torn out and repatched after our roof leaked and some big patches of drywall were damaged).
3) Power wash sidewalks and driveway
4) Seal roof
Here's our downstairs 1/2 bath. We've already gutted it, and my hubby cut and laid the tile this wee and I grouted it by myself today! Still debating on whether to install vanity or pedestal sink. I'll be asking for your opinion on that and a few other items this coming Monday.

As you can see, our driveway and sidewalks have already been powerwashed...I decided to write a little note for you guys to show you just how mildewy it gets here! Ha!!


Only one project dedicated to these entire two months...KITCHEN
The entire kitchen is being torn out, moved around, and put back together. Flooring, cabinets, appliances, countertops, etc.

As you can see, I've already taken the liberty of ripping out one cabinet and the countertop that was full of mold (big problem in our neighborhood due to VERY high humidity). None of our cabinets will be spared in kitchen or bathrooms.


1) Garage and garage door (previous owners had turned the garage into a rental unit and sealed off the garage and carpeted it and removed tracks for garage door, so we can't even open it)
2) Kids' bath (another complete overhaul...cabinet/vanity, tub surround, remove wallpaper, tile, etc.)
3) Master bathroom and closet (see 2)
4) Install laminate flooring in living room and play room/den and tear out "catwalk" (no  photos of the catwalk at this time...I know you're bummed...stay tuned!

 This is probably my favorite picture from the "kids' bath". Did they really NEED to remove that cabinet?  A cute hair bow rack temporarily covers the eye sore, but the whole thing will be overhauled.

And here's the master double vanity. To the left is a walk-in closet, and in that peek-a boo open door on the right is a bath/shower and toilet. I'll show you some close-ups of the taped-together cabinet doors later. 're in for a treat!


It will take about 10 weeks for our household goods (furniture and everything else in our home) from Oahu to the east coast. So everything will be packed up and taken from our house this month. We will live with a few kitchen necessities, toiletries, basic clothes, and the minimum toys/books/dvd's for almost 2 months here and then however long it takes for us to find a home in our new location.

Once things are cleared out, though, it will make it easier for these last projects.

1) Built-ins in the play room/family den off the kitchen
2) Scrape popcorn ceilings from last room (same family den/play room mentioned in 1)
3) Finish painting upstairs ceilings and walls
4) Baseboards on all upstairs


1) Yard




1) Settle in and unpack


1) Refinish girls' room furniture before it gets too cold outside


1) Reupholster ugly overstuffed chair
2) Refinish dining set



SOoooooooo... Please, please, please help me when I come to you with "Input Requests" over the next few months. All design advice will be greatly appreciated. :)

Aloha and may the force be with me (and you too in all your endeavors),