Your Aloha!

The best part of being a craft blogger is seeing projects you've made that were inspired by my tutorials! So I'm going to show off some of them here as my way of thanking those of you who've taken the time to let me know you used my site for your projects. :)

Nicole's Jeweled Canopy Doll Bed

Shelly's Purple Hobby Horse

Dan's Doll Bed

Denise's Doll Bed

JenniferMae's Doll Bed

Kayla's Reclaimed Wood Art

Kayla's Burlap-covered Boxes

Tami's Doll Bed

Meri's Glamorous Hobby Horses

Melissa's Doll Bed - A

Melissa's Doll Bed - B

Lorey's Chalkboard Paint Countdown

Do you have a project you've done that's used one of my tutorials? Send me a pic!  attemptingaaloha (at) gmail (dot) com