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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Give a Tip Tuesday - #1 Ruffles vs. Pleats and other tidbits


So I always have these little tidbits of information that I want to get out to you, but I don't feel any one of them is ever worthy of their own blog post. SOOO...I thought I'd take one day a week to throw these small tips out to you and then ask YOU what your tips and tricks are.

Categories can and will range from:


And the English major/Linguistics minor in me is going to throw out a grammar tip each week as well. If editing is not your thang, please tune in. There's nothing I love more than seeing a blog with perfect use of punctuation and spelling. ;)

This week's tips by category:

Tip 1) Grammar:  Its/It's    What is the difference between its and it's?

If you're confused about which to use in a sentence, ask yourself this question, "Can I replace this word with 'it is'?"  If you can't, DO NOT use an apostrophe. Even though there's something in your brain that may make you stop and think, "But wait...'its' is possessive. I'm sure it needs an apostrophe." IT DOESN'T. Just like "hers", "ours", and "theirs" do not need one either. :)  So that simple question will alleviate all your "its/it's" problems. CAN I REPLACE IT WITH "IT IS"?

Tip 2) Sewing:  Ruffles  vs. Pleats. What is the difference between ruffles and pleats?

This is a ruffle:

For my tutorial on making ruffles without a ruffler, please refer to THIS post.

And this is a pleat:

I'll give you a tutorial on how I made these knife pleats later this week. But if the picture doesn't help clarify it for you, Wikipedia has some excellent information on the different kinds of pleats. :)

Tip 3: Parenting  How do I get my child to let me rinse their hair in the bathtub?

Each of my three girls are very different, but NONE of them likes having their hair rinsed of soap while bathing. I've tried those little head cup thingies you put on that's supposed to keep water out of their eyes, but they never fit to their heads quite right (we have pin heads, ok?), so they leak and just make everyone mad.

I find that it helps if they have an expectation of how long it's going to take. So singing the ABC's helped immensely with my two oldest girls. They both loved that they knew exactly how long it was going to take, and it took their mind off the process. My third just got annoyed with that song, but she loves animals, so for her, I start by asking her what the "piggies say", and on and on with other animals and slowly tip her back and rinse her off while she's distracted thinking about and making animal noises.

Works for me! Has worked for 6 years with three different kids. :)

Tip 4: Cleaning  How do I clean rust from stainless steel appliances?

We live in an area of VERY high humidity, so rust and mold are big problems here. We JUST bought this stainless steel dishwasher a couple months ago, and this is what the front looked like:

An online suggestion mentioned using dry baking soda, rubbed on with an old toothbrush or your finger, so I thought I'd give it a shot.

I found the finger method worked much better than a toothbrush.

Worked like a charm!

Then I just washed off my finger smudges and the baking powder with my regular old stainless steel appliance cleaner. :)  Good. As. New!


If you have a simple, one- or two-paragraph tip you'd like to share, I'd love to hear. And it just may be featured on an upcoming Give a Tip Tuesday with a link to your blog (if you so desire).