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Attempting Aloha: Feb 10, 2011

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Chinese Take-out Box - Free Download / Printable!


I'm SO sorry this is late. My mom's in town and we've been beachin' it up I've been sick {{cough cough}}. ;)

Here are the FREE Chinese take-out box printables I promised!  There are three different sizes, and you've got an infinite number of options on how to finish them!  I'll show you three different ways and each of the sizes today.

First, decide which size you want:

The largest size prints one on an 8.5x11" sheet of paper, middle prints 2 per sheet, and smallest prints 4 per sheet.

Large = 2" wide x 2.5" tall
Medium = 1.5" wide x 1.75" tall
Small = 1" wide x 1.25" tall (so cute!)

Then you'll decide what finish you want. Here's what I did.

Option 1 - Large box sample: This one I printed on a white 8.5x11 sheet of photo paper (I have a huge box I bought from Costco about 5 years ago). Then I ModPodged on a sheet of floral paper to the BACK of the photo paper (so wrong side to wrong side...you should see your patterned paper showing on one side and the printable with my logo on the other side.

Then cut out along the pattern and finish with your pattern on the outside. Simple, but I'm no bueno with the ModPodge, and mine has glitter all over in it, so it was slightly lumpy! ha!!

Option 2 - Medium box sample: This one I printed out the printable on a regular old piece of white paper, then cut it out. You'll use that as a stencil. Then I cut open an old cereal box (or other light-weight cardboard box), and I painted some of my homemade chalkboard paint on the inside. I only did one layer since these are probably going to be disposable, and it's just not that big of a deal.

Let that dry for about 20 minutes or until it's dry to the touch, and lay your stencil on top of it, trace it out, and cut it out. Fold it up with your cereal box on the inside. :)

Option 3 - Small box sample: This one's the easiest. Just find an 8.5x11" cardstock you love, and print directly on that! I used a double-sided blue one, but if you're doing one with a pattern on one side, BE SURE TO PRINT ON THE REVERSE SIDE! While I love my logo, I'm sure you'd prefer it was on the inside of the box rather than the outside. ;)

And here are the folding/construction instructions:

Step 1)  Cut it out

Step 2) Fold in top and bottom sides

Step 3) Fold at each of the four sides and the last little tab.

Step 4) Poke a hole in each of the two sides for the handle to stick through. I used a pen on this one, but I found it easiest to use a steak knife...just be careful! ;o)

Step 5) Place glue on the little tab and glue it onto the other open side (forming the four complete sides of the cube).  I used hot glue mostly because I'm SUPER impatient and didn't want to sit around and hold it together while Elmer's or a glue stick dried...I'm sure any glue would work, though.

Step 6) Fold down the H-shaped flap first, then fold the two matching side flaps down.

Step 7) Fold the last side in and tuck it under the small slit of the H-shaped flap that will be showing.

Step 8) Cut some wire for your handles. I used 20-gauge beading wire. My handes were 8", 6.5", and 5" long, and I made a bend right near the ends before sliding them into the holes to make it easier to bend them the rest of the way after they were in place.

And that's it!  Ta da!!!  Cute, custom Chinese take-out boxes ON the CHEAP! Suh. Weet.

Here are the downloads. All I ask is that you leave me some love and it would be awesome if you became a follower if you use them. ;)  Just an aloha thought...


Aloha and happy printing!