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Attempting Aloha: Feb 20, 2011

Sunday, February 20, 2011

{Prep} {Primp } {Pretty} - How We Organize Hair Schtuff

 Aloha Friends,

Sorry if this looks like duplicate posts! I originally intended to include this stuff in the pleated basket liner tutorial, but it was getting way too long, so I thought I'd share hair pretties in their own separate post!

With three girls (plus mommy), hair supplies are abundant. Ours, however, were getting a little unruly... Ok, truthfully, I had them all shoved in an old cardboard baby wipes box, and I'd curse almost every morning as I rummaged through it to find specific items (*crap* and *shasta* are curse words for me in case you're wondering).

So when I had some left-over hardware cloth from my Ballard-inspired wire wall baskets, I decided to make a few more that would fit some of our hair schtuff.

HERE is a tutorial for the wire baskets.
HERE is a tutorial for the pleated basket liners.

I made three of the little lovelies, tied a jute bow at the top, and made a few labels. I was going to go with "Hair Crap 1", "Hair Crap 2", and "Hair Crap 3", but the linguist in me wanted something that rolled off the tongue. ;)

So I went with {Prep} - Sprays, gels, detanglers, defrizzers, and water bottle.

{Primp} - Brushes, combs, and clips that hold hair up while...well...primping.

(That pic looks better if you cross your eyes at it.)  ;)

And last but not least - {Pretty} - Headbands, elastics, bobby pins, and plain ribbons.

Of course, there wasn't enough room for ALL our pretties...luckily this was the one area I had already organized and given a home.


MUCH better than cardboard wipes box!

 And just in case you decide to sort through your own pretties:



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