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Attempting Aloha: Nov 17, 2011

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Day 7 - Gifts for Men

This post contains affiliate links.

Shopping for men can be very difficult. Much more difficult for me than shopping for the women in my life. DIY'ing or handmade men gifts is even more seemingly impossible. Men just aren't usually that sentimental, so the meaning of the gift gets lost on them sometimes.

One year, my husband and I decided we were only going to do handmade gifts for each other. I had JUST purchased my first sewing machine and had never sewn anything other than a curtain that failed miserably. But I wanted to try, so I got a pattern for some pajama pants and some fabric that were plaid, and I went to work. Little did I know that the XL pattern was GINORMOUS, and the fabric that I had chosen was for quilting and very unsuitable for pajama pants. Those kinds of things were so new to me, and I was clueless. Needless to say, the pants were AWFUL! I wish I had a pic of them to show you, and we could all laugh at them together. My husband was nice, and he tried to wear them, but they were so long and huge and itchy. They were pretty hilarious. I also knitted him a hat on one of those plastic hat looms. It was fine, but nothing fancy.

What did he give me? Well, the sucker went to the mall and bought a hand-knitted scarf from a Native American woman who had handmade gifts. He also bought a pair of earrings made from wood from her. The posts were also wooden, and they were HUGE (like sticking gauges in my ears). On Christmas morning, he tried to play it off like he'd made the gifts himself. What a punk. We have a good laugh about it now, but I was a little irked at the time that he wasted money on stuff I'd never use AND didn't put any thought into my gifts. But I've learned not to bank on the romance or sentimentality factor from him. He has thousands of other amazing qualities, so I'm willing to overlook that one. Plus my brother-in-law (Scott's brother) is just as bad, so it's always a good laugh to talk to his wife (my bff Jami) and compare Vallentine's / Christmas / birthday / and anniversary notes. Those two are so much alike it's hilarious.

But it won't stop me from trying to wear him down with my own handmade gifts for him. So I've searched high and low to find you some of the best homemade gifts for men out there.

Let's start out with something amazing, shall we? Most items seem too "homemade", but Amy from Positively Splendid rocked it with these Golf Club Covers. The fabrics and details she chose are perfect! When my husband is finally done with residency and actually has time to golf (I'll keep pretending that he'll have time one day), I'm totally making these for him!! My dad, however, is an avid golfer, so these might end up being his gift this year!

Or how amazing would it be to have a mini golf course in  your own backyard? Jaime at That's My Letter has the tutorial to get you started.

I really love handprint art. Really anything that can get the kids involved but is still cute enough to proudly display. Visit Angie at The Country Chic Cottage to see the full post.

My husband might be a loner here, but he HATES his neck ties. Tying the dumb things is a "waste of time". But he looks SO good in them! He really wants some clip-ons, but have you seen the clip-on ties they make for men? Yikes! Apparently only unibomber-ish men wear them nowadays. ;)  I purchased a used lot of hideous ones off of ebay just to use the clips ($.40 each vs $1.00 each when purchasing clips anywhere else).  I already have plans to deconstruct them and make my own, but I thought you might like to see this other cute tutorial I found at With Love by Rach.

No hard-working man escapes this life without a day of back pain, right? I think one of these rick pack belts might be in my near future. This one is from To Sew with Love.

Are you a novice seamstress? Maybe that project seems a little complicated? Why not try a simpler Hot/Cold Neck Wrap for dad instead then?

Laptop sleeves are really big right now. I love this one from Sweet Verbena!  And if you need more laptop sleeve ideas, TipNut has a post with links to 27 more tutorials!

Maybe your guy needs some updated office pics? Why not include a cute message?!  These are from Larissa at Just Another Day in Paradise. So cute!! You all know my obsession with Scrabble art, right?

Or perhaps something different for his desk? Too much stress in his day? Try this DIY zen garden from Curbly.

Looking for something fun the kids can make for dad? Watch them giggle when he uses his mustache mug. Tutorial from the Tortoise and the Hare.

Speaking of drinks...maybe some personalized map coasters for the one you love with meaningful places? Queen Martha has some cute ones.

This shave kit is perfect for the frequent traveler. Visit Polka Dot Chair for the full tutorial.

Here's another one where a little fabric imagination will go a long way. Have a guy who gets angry when he can't find "his" remote? Yeah, drives mine nuts when he can't find ours. A remote caddy might be helpful! This cute one comes from Sew4Home.

Or if power tools are more your thing, DadAnd has a great wood version remote caddy with a built-in drink holder.

I love this drink caddy idea by Thirty Handmade Days!

With his new drink caddy, he's going to need a way to open those bottles, right? Visit Shanty 2 Chic for the plans.

I've only ever heard this game called cornhole before. Kinda fun to see it's called baggo in different places. Build-Basic has simple plans for this DIY project.

What grown man doesn't still need some toys in his life? And Angry Birds? Combine the two with Angry Bird toys!

I might be attempting some of these awesome Angry Birds from Obsessively Stitching.

Or maybe save yourself some time and do one like this from Homemade Beauties by Heidi.

I know crocheting and knitting are really big right now, so I thought I'd throw one of those out there for those of you into it. Personally, I stink at it! Cody Jo from Simply Homemade has instructions to make these men's slippers.

Or how about a slouchy beanie if you're up for more crochet. Instructions can be found at Knitted Patterns.

This handmade pop-up card is a really fun idea and could be done with supplies you probably have on hand (in case you're a procrastinator like me...)  ;)   Details at One Dog Woof.

If all else fails, there's always plan Z - a gift card. BUT, maybe if you put it in a homemade envelope then you'll feel like you've at least done SOMETHING crafty, right??  These cute tiny envelopes are from PoppyTalk.

Did I miss any? What do you usually get for the men in your life?



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