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Attempting Aloha: Feb 22, 2012

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

American Girls Farmhouse Doll Bed (Cheater Cheater Version)


Well, with all the doll beds I've done, I finally decided to try a farmhouse bed like this one of Ana White's that got me started on doll beds to begin with.

I love Ana's version. But I've done lots of slats and railings lately, and I know what a pain they can be, so I decided to make my life a little easier by just doing a solid piece for the headboard and footboard. I also made mine the same width and depth as my canopy doll bed to cut down on bulk. I also made the headboard legs slightly shorter.


2x2 - 2 @ 4.5" each (legs of footboard)
         2 @  9" each (legs of headboard)
1x6 - 1 @ 9.5" (headboard center panel)
1x3 - 2 @ 18" each (side rails)
          1 @ 9.5" (footboard center panel)
          2 @ 15.5" each (top pieces of headboard and footboard)
1x2 - 2 @ 9.5" each (piece that goes under center panel on footboard and headboard)
         4 @ 10" each (slats at bottom of the bed)
         2 @ 12.5" each (top pieces that connect headboard and footboard panels to legs)

Now follow Ana's plans for connecting all the pieces. I'm lazy and didn't want to bother with screws, so I just used my nail gun and Gorilla Glue. The glue is really what holds it together. The 2" brad nails just barely connect the 2x2's to the other pieces (the actual measurement is about 1.5"x1.5") and hold it together until the glue dries.  You'll also notice when building the base that I used 4 slats instead of 2. I did that to avoid having to find a small piece of plywood or something to go over them. With the 4 slats, I can just put the mattress directly on top of them.

I was in a big rush to get this ready for my daughter's friend's birthday, and I knew it would be dark by the time I finished it, so these pics are just of the primer finished. Don't look too close. ;)   It really looked much better with the creamy white finish and the top coat of polycrylic!

I made a mattress, comforter, two pillows, and two removable pillow shams. I wish I had time to make a couple more decorative pillows, but we were on a time crunch.

I probably should have put the decorative piece a little higher. Or left it off since the pillows do a good job of covering it anyway. Oh, well.

My daughter chose the fabrics from our stash. I was pretty impressed with her choices (she's 5)! The birthday girl might have appreciated more pink, but I think they turned out lovely.

Considering we used scrap wood, scrap fabric, and scrap paint, I'd say it turned out to be an excellent birthday gift! Other than my hours of time creating it, it was free. ;)