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Monday, December 12, 2011

Doll Bedding Tutorial 1 - Small Button Pillow {Great for Beginners!}


I was FINALLY able to finish the bedding for the doll bunk bed this weekend. Since I was just making things up with the first bedding, I didn't really take great pics for a tutorial, so this time I did. :)

I'll be posting them separately, but I'll try to get as many up as I can today for those of  you planning on making these for Christmas presents!

First up is the small button pillow. Remember this one from the canopy bed?

For all the basic white bedding on the doll beds, I've been using an old sheet. You can find them new at Walmart for $5, and it will give you way more yardage than trying to buy similar fabric at the fabric store. Plus it will seem more realistic since it's the exact weight and feel that you want, right?

I'm going to make these steps pretty basic and assume you're new to sewing. If you're an expert, by all means, feel free to use the dimensions and ad lib. ;)

Step 1: Cut out two pieces of fabric 3" x 2.5".
Step 2: Put the right sides together (doesn't matter so much if using the plain white sheet) and sew around the edges with 1/4" seam allowance. Using fabric this light-weight and so small, it was hard to do a reverse stitch without having it bunch up and catch the fabric, so I chose not to back stitch on this little guy.  Be sure to leave an opening. To make my life easier, I start my stitching about 2/3 of the way down one of the long sides. Then sew all along the edges. When approaching a corner, slow down, and stop at about 1/4" from the end, with your needle DOWN IN THE FABRIC. Then lift up the presser foot, and rotate your fabric, so the next side is in place. Leaving the needle down will help keep you in the exact place you need to be. Then just sew down that next edge and repeat until you're back to the side you started on.

Once you're on that same first side, stop again about 1/3 of the way down, so you have the first 1/3 sewn and the last 1/3 sewn with a hole in the middle 1/3.

STEP 3: Turn it right-side out, and iron. The iron is one of your sewing machine's best friends. Its true bff is the seam ripper in my house...lol.  Be sure you iron the two sides of the little section you left open, so it looks like a continuous piece. This will make your stitching much easier after you stuff it.

STEP 4:  Stuff it. I used the guts from an old decorative pillow since fiberfill can get pretty pricey. If you don't have any on hand and only have this one small project to do, I might also suggest using cotton balls! Just de-fluff them a bit and spread them out! I'm pretty sure you can buy them at Dollar Tree for...$1. ;)

STEP 5:  Sew up your open edge. You can either hand stitch it or use your machine. I stink at hand stitching, so I use to use the machine. I shove as much of the fluff into the corners as I can (since those are harder to fill in after it's all closed up) and push it away from where the seam will be. Then just sew it right up. Once it's sewn, you can refluff it back to prettiness.

STEP 6: I didn't have any cute pink buttons laying around, but we have a gagillion broken necklaces!!  So I used a couple of beads from a cheap-o kids' necklace. Unless you have a magic sewing machine, this will need to be done by hand.

TIP:  To hide your knot, start on the side where your button will be. Just stick it straight through to the back side, then back to the front, and your "button" will go right on top of it.

Just keep stitching. Down through the pillow, up through the pillow, across through the bead. Repeat. Repeat. Repeat. I think I did that about 6 times and then ended it behind the bead (again to hide the end of the string).

Here's how it will look from the back and from the front:

And there's your tiniest pillow!

Up next is the jelly roll pillow!