Wednesday, January 16, 2013

DIY Baby Monthly Onesies and Free Printables

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I'll keep today's post short and sweet! I made these monthly Onesies (R)  as a baby shower gift for a friend of mine and then did some more for my own little guy and thought I'd share the printable here with you.

The printables are for months 1-12, and I just used iron-on transfer paper. Here is a link to the brand I used. The printables are facing the normal direction, but remember that they need to be printed in reverse. Look through  your printer options to do that. My printer has "iron-on paper" as one of the paper settings, and it automatically flips it. Test it out on a regular sheet of paper to make sure it's printing right, so you don't waste your transfer paper. :)

The hardest part about this project is finding enough Onesies in the right sizes without breaking the bank. They usually come in packs of 4-6, and I had a hard time finding the sizes I needed. Ugh! I think I ended up paying about $22, and I had a couple left over. Different brands have different sizes, too, so I think I had a pack of 3-6 month that I used for months 4-6 and then a 3-9 month that I used for 7-9.

Aren't they cute?!

I like giving practical packaging instead of the standard gift bags. I bought this little bin at Dollar Tree and lined it with tissue paper. Then I folded each of the sides in on each Onesie and rolled them up, so the month was showing. I actually put the bigger months on the bottom and months 1-6 on the top.

Such a fun gift!  Now let's just hope the baby isn't a chunker. ;)   I have my little guy's all printed out but am waiting to iron them on one month at a time since he's big! That 2 month pic (right on his 2 month bday) he's actually in a 3-6 month size! Ha!!

I'd love to hear or see pics if you decide to make these. Please comment or share a pic if you do.



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