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Sunday, December 12, 2010

Personalized Union Station Clock

Eeeeeek! I'm so excited I could spit. Or squeal. Neither really sounds that attractive, but I'm excited!

So last week I showed you my chic Parisian clock makeover, and my bff, Kim begged me to do a Union Station clock, too. I was sort of dreading it because I had started it and knew it was going to be a bugger to get all those Roman numerals the right size, in the right position, at the right angles, etc. BUT, what's a bff if she's not willing to spend a couple hours for a Christmas present (albeit an emailed one she'll put together herself)??  My hubby had just finished a 30-hour shift and had the day off yesterday. He wanted to spend some daddy/daughter time with the girls, so he took them shopping, and I had a quiet house to myself. HOORAY!!

I've also been trying to decide what to get as a present for my impossible-to-buy-for, super fab sister-in-law who lives in Israel. I have to send it by tomorrow to get to her by Christmas, so I had asked the crew to also watch out for a gift for her while they were out.

Inspiration struck about 15 minutes into the project...I was trying to think of what wording I wanted to use instead of the Union Station No.570 on the Pottery Barn one:

I really wanted to give her something personal, but she's uber classy, so I didn't want anything that screamed "cheesy" or "homemade".  {{lightbulb moment}}  What if I put their last name and the year they were married on the awesome Union Station clock??

And thus, my Personalized Union Station Clock was born.

Here's what I started with:

Thank you, Walgreens for providing the clock "bones" I needed and for only charging $5. :) I actually found a coupon for $5 off a purchase of $20, so I bought 4 clocks for $15! {{happy dance}}

Then after a few hours of designing, I printed out my halves (see the Parisian clock for more details), and this time I used a simple glue stick to glue the paper onto the clock face. The Mod Podge seemed to tint the ink a green shade if any got on the front. It was also harder to work with. I love the glue stick, and since it is going behind glass, I wasn't worried about it getting bumped and peeling off. I also used a black Sharpie to add the circle around the center of the clock to keep the bright red candy cane print from showing through where I cut the hole.

I was a little worried since I didn't add the lines like the Parisian clock. I thougth the cut was going to be really obvious, but you can't even tell!

Can a person fall in love with a piece of decor? I may have found my soul mate...

Quick Recap:

PB Clock:  $89
My Clock: $3.50 (or $5 if you can't find a coupon)


I'm linking to some of the fabulous parties on my sidebar!

UPDATE:  Sorry for any confusion, ladies. This clock is not available as a free printable anymore! I do offer personalization in my Etsy shop for $3, and you will be emailed a PDF.