Friday, October 28, 2011

Playroom Reading Nook


I finished the kids' playroom reading nook. It was fun for me to put it together, and it ended up using all different kinds of crafts in the process. :)

The READ sign is a play off of Robert Indiana's famous LOVE sign. Also famously replicated in Pottery Barn's Christmas NOEL sign (that retails for $150!!). I'll give more details on that, the curtain, and the beanbags in upcoming posts.

You might recognize my DIY Wire Basket as well as the Pleated Basket Liner and the Pottery Barn Kids Lamp Knock-off. :)

What do you think?! I'll be thrilled even if I come in third. It was a great competition, and my girls just LOVE their new playroom. We've still got a few more things to finish up on it, but it's such a great space now!



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