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Attempting Aloha: Jan 6, 2011

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Ruffled Lamp

Here's another little lamp I decided to give a facelift. :)

She was looking so sad in her plain Jane skirt:

 So I was going to give her some flowers to keep her company like I did with my PB Kids lamp makeover.

But after I finished putting on the first layer of ruffles, I decided to just go ahead and keep right on going:

When I got to the end, I just wrapped the top layer around and hot glued it to the inside:

And here she is sitting pretty in my living room:

Unfortunately, she didn't get to sit there very long...once I had taken the picture, I realized just how sick of the red stand I've become, and I immediately took it outside and introduced it to some Rustoleum White...  Such is the life of a piece of crafter's furniture. ;)



I'll be joining some of my favorite weekly projects on my sidebar.
And if you're lovin' some white, check out the CSI Project! The subject for this week's competition is all about white. So many amazing projects. My happy little lamp will be participating. :)

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