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Attempting Aloha: Jan 18, 2011

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Burlap-covered Vase

 I started with this ho-hum plastic vase I bought from a party supply store for $1.50:

And if you're  living in the frozen tundra and can't find a live flower outside to save your life, this is also an excellent way of hinting to hubbies that you want him to get you some flowers for Valentine's Day!

((Imagined conversation))

Wife: "Hey, babe! Look what I made today! I finally used that burlap you've been tripping over for the last couple weeks.  Isn't it so pretty?"

Husband: "Huh. What are you going to put in it? We won't have flowers until like September, right?"

Wife: "Oh, shoot! I hadn't even thought of that." ((Show just the tiniest bit of pouting in your expression...not enough to be annoying. Look strong but disappointed. And be sure to have that 1-800-FLOWERS ad in the middle of his mail stack.)

Couple of tips on wrapping in burlap...

1) Measure around the widest part of your vase, and then measure from top to bottom, and cut out a rectangle matching those sizes.

2) I did not fold the ends over on the top or the bottom. I just left them "ragged" and cut them exactly to the edge of the top and the bottom.

3) Use a low-heat glue gun since burlap has so many holes.  I ended up touching the glue multiple times, and luckily mine doesn't get hot enough to burn. Or invest in some of those hot glue gun finger-cover thingies (pretty sure that's the technical term, but feel free to correct me if I'm wrong).
4) Make a glue line from top to bottom on the vase and glue the burlap down that line.

5) Since my vase is curved (as most are), I started at the widest point and glued around it. For me that was the top.

6) Then stretch it as flat as you can, and slowly glue right where the two edges meet. You will have lots of excess, particularly at the bottom, but you will just cut straight up that glue line, so it also ends up being nice and straight.

I wrapped mine with some jute and tied a bow and set them on top of some old books also wrapped in jute.

We have two huge trees that bloom year-round, so these are straight from my yard. 

 And I saw THIS lovely framed art the other day by Amy at The Idea Room and thought it was so fun! But, alas, I'm lazy, so I just made mine in InDesign and printed it off (ribbon and all) and then stuck a couple simple rosettes on it.

Not bad for just throwing some stuff together. :)  Helps to have wonderful blog friends as inspiration!

And if you're really observant, you may notice this rack is the red one I showed you with my Ruffled Lamp. Lovin the white.


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