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Attempting Aloha: Feb 28, 2011

Monday, February 28, 2011

How to Replace Toilet Handles with $7 and 7 minutes!

Our half bath is just awaiting a few finishing touches before I'm ready to share it with you.

I wanted to break some of it up into some simple tutorials for those also interested in DIY projects.

Today's subject: The Crapper.  

The flusher to the crapper, to be more precise. Yup. Our sad little guy had the ugliest flusher I ever did see.

All chipping and flaking. Like the poor thing was in the beginning stages of chrome leprosy. At first, I was just going to ignore it, and I didn't think about it or stress about it for the three weeks tha our bathroom was gutted (we only have an hour here or there when my husband is available to help tackle the big projects like tiling and switching our overhead lighting to two sconces).  But  then  we put it back together. My painting and new trim and new sink and new tile were all SO pretty. I have to admit I became ashamed of the sad little flusher. So he's gone to flusher heaven. Watch out, he may be reincarnated into one of my future chandelier projects or something...!  ;)  Just kidding.  But ya just never know 'round these parts.

I went to our friendly City Mill and found this kit for less than $7!  Sweet.

Step 1) Remove the tank lid. Ours had been drained since we removed the entire thing while we tiled and painted. Yours should have water in it, so you may want wear some rubber gloves and have an assistant hold the chain or be prepared to fish it out when you're ready to attach it to your new lever.

Step 2) Find the chain hooked to the end of the lever that sticks out of the flusher and unhook it.

Don't worry if you lift up, and that little plug opens, and the toilet water starts rushing out! This is called "flushing the toilet". You do it multiple times every day. Amazing, huh? Have you ever watched the toilet flush from the inside?  Congrats! There's a first for everything!!

Step 4) Use your wrench to remove the nut from the back of the flusher handle. Apparently ours had been there for quite a few years and wasn't ready to leave. This part took me 4 of the 7 minutes... ;)

Step 5) Slip the nut all the way off and then remove the flusher handle and the attached lever all the way out the front.

Step 6) Put the new lever/handle/flusher attachment in.

Step 7) Attach the new nut that came with your kit (mine was plastic) and rehook the chain! 

Congratulations! You're now a baby plumber!  Or something like that...

Much better. My toilet has aloha. Does yours?