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Monday, June 6, 2011

Paper Towel Pom Poms Tutorial - Easy and Cheap!


First, I need to say a big thank you for being patient with me. My lack of posting is definitely NOT due to a lack of projects. If you're looking for updates on the house, I'm continually posting progress on my Facebook and Twitter pages (click on the F and T icons on my sidebar to be taken directly to my pages). It's easy as pie for me to snap a pic from my phone and post on those sites, but writing a good post takes some definite time, so most (or all) of the home renovation posts are going to have to wait until after we move the first week of July. We only have four weeks left and still LOTS of projects to finish. It's going to be even more chaotic than usual around here. :)

But this week my middle child turned 5, and I was not about to let home renovations stand in the way of an awesome party!  We did a Fancy Nancy theme, and I'll be sharing some free printables with you later on. But today I'm going to show you how we made cheater cheater pom poms out of...paper towels?!

I LOVE Martha. But I'm no Martha. She makes some amazing poms and has a great tutorial for making them out of 10 (maybe 8?) sheets of tissue wrapping paper stuff. But I was making 20 of them and whilst they're only $1 for a package of 10, I didn't want to fork out $20 just for tissue poms. So I tried regular old 8.5x11 printer paper. FAIL. Maybe your skills are more refined than mine, but if you'd like to finish this project without ripping your hair out, I recommend steering away from printer paper.

Enter paper towels. Sweet. I used the Kirkland brand paper towels from Costco because that's just what I buy and what was sitting on my counter. But their sheets are larger than most paper towels I've seen.

Here are my supplies:

* Paper towels
* Scissors
* Floral wire

Step 1)  Take 3 paper towels and lay them down on top of each other and fold them in half.

Step 2) Cut up the folded side, so you have 6 equal pieces now.

Step 3) Accordian fold them just like Martha's. :)

Step 4) Once they're folded all the way, take your wire and wrap it around the center. Leave about 4-5 inches on each side to hang your poms.

Step 5) Spread out the edges a little bit.

Step 6) Now fluff your "pages". Separate them slowly and pull them forward. Do three on each side.

Step 7) Now flip it over and do the last three on each side.

All done!  Oh, wait...now go make 19 more of them or put your little elves to work making them. If my 6 and 4 year olds can bust them out, you can definitely do them! They beg me to make them since it's a project they can do. All. By. Themselves.

Shoot! Did I forget to mention that if they might also con you into spray painting most of them with some of your leftover paints??  :)