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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Day 8 - Handmade Christmas Gifts for Girls


I'm the mom of 3 girls. You KNOW this is going to be my favorite post this week. And I really wish my girls' gifts were ready for me to show you. I'll link them here once they are.

First, I have to say that lots of these ideas would be great for either gender, so if you see them two days in a row, don't be annoyed. I just want to make sure people don't miss out on the fun if they're looking specifically for boy gifts, and I've only listed something in girl. Make sense?  Thanks!

I'll be making many of the things on this list, but my top priority this year is making doll beds. I'm making a different bed for each of my three girls. I'm doing a crib for my 2-year-old based on this Ana White plan:

And my 5-year-old will be getting one of these bunk beds:

I had planned to make Ana's farmhouse bed, but I decided instead to take some tips from PB Kids and designed my own doll canopy bed:

Now the trick will be keeping my 2-year-old quiet about that one until Christmas!

Every once in awhile, I come across a blogger who does projects so similar to what I've done or what I want to do that it's scary. It's fun to meet like-minded crafters who share an interest in the same things as me. Jaime from That's My Letter is one of these "kindred spirit" crafters (cut me some slack, I watched Anne of Green Gables last week).  I've been pining over Ana White doll bed plans for awhile, and I knew Jaime had done some, so I went back to her blog to see what variations she had done on them. The girl has done 6 doll farmhouse beds! I asked her if I could put together a collage of them, and she was cool, so here they are in all their glory with links to each one and the bedding (if available).

Doll Bed #1
Quilt #1
Doll Bed #2 (shows instructions for making the Ana White bed more narrow)
Quilt #2
Doll Bed #3
Doll Bed #4
Doll Bed #5
Doll Bed #6

My girls LOVE puzzles. And they LOVE looking at pictures of themselves. So, what would make them happier than puzzles with pictures of themselves?! Perfect, right? Emilie at  Not So Idle Hands made some super cute ones.

Not So Idle Hands

While we're on the topic of pictures of themselves and games...What about this fun "Go Fish" game with family pics made by Crafting Chicks (as posted on Infarrantly Creative).

I'm not even going to go into the millions of hair accessory options, other than to give you this little summary of fabric options and differences.

The same could be said for dresses. There are just SO many! I'll instead direct you to a collection of almost 30 dress tutorials!

Anyone like free? Yeah, me, too! What about a DIY corner bench for the little ones? Kojo Designs made such a cute one!


Do you have a budding artist in your family? We have three! I'd love to build some of these into our playroom (if we weren't back to being renters again, the decision would be so much easier...). This is an Ana White project. Love that it takes up no floor space!

While we're building...here's a SUPER simple project that would get hours of entertainment!

Or for those who prefer more sewing, less drilling, try this version:

Does your little one have an over-abundance of dress-ups?

This mini-lounger is to die for!!

If that seems a little too time-intensive, try sewing a few pillows in pillowcases together for a simple, fun sleeping mat!

Can we talk about shoes for a minute?

How adorable are these boots? And I guarantee your teeny one won't gripe if your sewing isn't perfect. ;)

More free baby shoe patterns:

Maybe you live somewhere warm?

And since we're all into dolls this year, I just might bust out a sling or two...if I can find a fabric my kids won't recognize and can part with the scraps! I love scraps. :)

I know my girls would LOVE a gumball necklace like this one from Jamielyn at I Heart Naptime:

Need a little stocking stuffer or gifts your kids can give to cousins or friends? Check out these adorable little wooden princess dolls from Lil Blue Boo:

These cute little crayon rolls from Prudent Baby would also make a good stocking stuffer:

I like the rolls, but I think I prefer these little wallets, so I can stick a notepad in with them:

These chalk mats would be an easy hack from Land of Nod:

Or if you prefer a tutorial, here's a similar version:

I also just finished my Glamorous Girly Hobby Horse. Simple, inexpensive way to make a toddler girl happy!

If you're looking for a last-minute gift that will only take 5 minutes, I whipped up 2 of these kids' sleeping masks and 2 matching doll sleeping masks in about an hour WITH MAKING THE PATTERN AND WRITING A TUTORIAL! Super easy and great way to use up fabric scraps. Your little diva will love them! I've included a printable pattern here. :)

This cute little fabric doll house is now on my to-do list for my little one's 3rd bday coming up in the spring! Adorable!!

And you can always make a simple lei and fill it with candy and money! It's so simple but lots of fun! You can find the tutorial HERE.

I know I'm leaving so much stuff out. I'll continue to update this as I find other great things, but I wanted to give you some lovely things to start with and think about. Anything you think should be added?


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