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Attempting Aloha: Feb 21, 2012

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

My Valentine's Mantel - I Know I'm a Little Late to the Party, but Humor Me ;)


If you follow me on Facebook,  you know that my computer got a virus, and I've been without a reliable means of blogging for the last little while. What a pain!  But I'm back, and I have some catching up to do, so humor me if my Valentine's mantel is a little late. Better late than never, right? ;)

Yes, we're a girly household. So Valentine's is just an excuse for us to put pink in our living room (where my poor husband has officially banned pink for all other times of the year). 

I saved the cabinet doors from our Hawaii kitchen renovation, and these three were the same 15" size, so I thought they'd be a nice little back-drop. I used them for our Christmas mantel with the words "For Unto Us", and then had a banner underneath that said "A Child Is Born". Saved myself some time by keeping the red.

The center heart thingie was a $1 yard sale score that I've never actually used but have had for years. The pink feather boa was from my girls' stash. They have about 8 of them. You may recall seeing a couple of them in the Flamingo Costume and the Most Glamorous Hobby Horse Ever. :)

This glass vase was also part of my Christmas display with the random little dollar store ornament things. I just tied some Valentine's ribbon around it and kept it!

I made the "stockings" last year after scoring some traditional Christmas stockings at an after-Christmas sale. You can read that tutorial HERE.

This one is my husband's. I spared him the sequin and flower humiliation. ;)

And here's a close-up of one of my girls' sequined ones. All of the girls have different flowers on each, so we can tell whose is whose without having a name embroidered on them.

The sequined frame was a thrift store find just a few weeks before VDay. I couldn't believe when I found it! I'm sure someone thought it was super hideous, but it goes just swimmingly with my sequined stockings! And for $.50, who can say no?

Since the only crafting I really had to do this year was the chalk letters on my boards, I decided to make some kissing balls to add to our Valentine's collection.  I like the rosette kissing balls I've seen, but really, I didn't want to spend hours on this project. I had some tissue paper from the Dollar Tree on hand and just used two different shades of pink to make four 8" pom poms and then hung them from a plant hanger that was already there and waiting for us to use! It's right above a chair in the corner we don't use very often, so whenever someone sits there, they get a kiss!

Pretty simple decorations, but they make me smile every time I walk by! I'm taking them down today and have to admit I'm going to miss the pink in the living room. lol