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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Saving Some $$ - Using Door Knobs as Finials


My toddler canopy bed post yesterday was getting a bit too long, so I decided to share the finials in a separate post.

I used mine as finials on top of a canopy bed, but this would also work at the ends of a wooden dowel as a curtain rod!

I bought my crystal knobs at Lowes for $8 (since it's a door knob set, it will give you two "finials").

I've also seen drawer pulls from Hobby Lobby used, but it's hard to find them this large. Any that ARE that large are close to $15 each. Sure, you can use a 40% off coupon, but I needed 4...I didn't really want to go back 4 different times and wait for a new coupon each time... Not super convenient. And gas alone would probably deplete the savings of the coupon. :(

There's a small metal piece that would slip through the door, and then you'd tighten each knob into the metal piece. You will not need the center metal piece, so feel free to recycle or re-purpose those.  Here's how the knob looks from the bottom.

It has a tiny screw on the side that is meant to tighten into the metal piece, so I needed something to tighten that little tiny screw into in order to keep the knob tight. I decided to try a few different screws to see if they'd work. I just used what I had in our "scrap screws" stash, so I don't have the actual head size of the screws I ended up using. If I had to guess, I'd say it's a 3/4 or 1", #8 or #9 wood screw. It needs to be skinny enough to slide inside but not too skinny, or the tiny screw won't reach it to hold it in place. Make sense?

Then place the knob right on top of the screw.

And tighten that tiny screw, and you're done!

Super easy and looks great!

Have you used anything unusual for finials?