About Me


I'm Charlie. Think pink Charlie...not blue Charlie. I know it's coming, so yup, it's short for Charlotte.  :)

I'm a stay-at-home mom of three girlies under age 6. Wife of a doctor in residency. Newcomer on the island of Oahu and first-time homeowner. After 9 years of renting, I can finally put holes in my walls!!! We purchased a fixer-upper, so there will be lots of holes in walls. And holes in cabinets. And windows.

I'm also an inventor, dreamer, and small-business owner. I tend to be a bit high-strung and always have to be moving. I thrive in chaos (as long as it's clean...love clean). I've only been on the island for 3 months, and I've already fallen in love! The people here are so beautiful. Inside and out. And the lifestyle is much different than I'm accustomed. So I'm attempting to bring a little of the Aloha attitude into my own home and life. Just breathe. And relax. And have a little more fun. Smile. Love everyone. And eat good food!